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Sample Edit

Start with a no-obligation sample edit of your work.

Editing rates depend on the length of your manuscript, among other factors. Send it to me for a free partial edit and I’ll send you a quote with no obligation on your part or mine. For a quick ballpark estimate, use 1.5 to 3 cents per word for manuscript evaluations/critiques and 2 to 4 cents per word for comprehensive editing.

Because writers are not known for their access to wealth I usually give options, so you can tailor the editing job to your available budget. And I give flat rates (rather than hourly), which means no surprises.

Here’s a note on scheduling and other practical concerns.

An aside: Once in a while I’ll do a sample edit and discover that the work isn’t quite ready for a professional edit. What happens then? I tell you so for free, and give you some suggestions about what to do next.

How does it work?

1) Free Evaluation and Quote – Send me your manuscript and a cover email with its total word count and your publishing goals.

2) I do a line edit on three pages and critique up to ten at no cost. I’ll send those back to you with an editorial memo detailing my thoughts on what I’ve read.

3) You review the edit and decide if I’m the right editor for your work, then get back to me with a ‘yay’ or ‘nay’.

4) If we decide to proceed, I send you a Letter of Agreement (LOA) with a detailed Scope of Work and schedule. We correspond on any changes and I finalize the LOA.

5) You send me an email agreeing to terms, and pay a deposit.

6) I deliver. If it’s a manuscript evaluation, I send you the manuscript with comments, plus a detailed editorial letter. If it’s a comprehensive edit, I send you the manuscript with line edits in Track Changes, comment balloons, plus an even more detailed editorial letter.

7) You pay the balance and take your manuscript one step closer to publication.

Here’s more about how the sample edit might benefit you.