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I embrace diversity, love new stories, and have great respect for writers who finish their books. If you’ve gotten that far, you have already achieved something.

A few testimonials:

Working with Pat Dobie has been an incredible experience. From the overall story arc down to line edits, her touch and insights have been profound and incredibly helpful. It’s also been educational; I have a better idea how to approach manuscripts in the future. Her effort, teaching and mentorship have meant a lot.
Ken Marriott, Writer

Pat, thank you for your extensive edit and for all your notes. They are EXTREMELY helpful. I will be using a lot of your suggestions to better each story.
Evan Baughfman, Writer

Pat Dobie provided so much intelligent insight that I’m mostly kind of just luxuriating in that. This is a lovely thing, having a clearer understanding of the holes in the story—where they are and what they are asking to be filled with. I really like Pat’s pacing suggestions and am trying to stick to them. Sometimes it’s very hard to cut, but the end result is that much stronger.
An anonymous, soon-to-be-world-famous, writer (Germany).

When I had the notion to self-publish the first book in my science fiction series, Allies and Enemies: Fallen, I realized that I needed an editor with considerable patience and skills—a super hero. Pat Dobie (although I’m not sure if she wears a cape and tights) certainly fits the role of such a hero! Not only did she help me battle through waves of edits, she did it with a friendly manner that was always supportive and insightful. Although I’ll always feel like a sidekick in the realm of “real” writers, Pat is someone I count on to swoop in with handy suggestions and indispensable advice. I look forward to our future adventures together!
Amy J. Murphy, Writer

Pat Dobie was the perfect editor. Dependable, timely, compassionate, helpful–perfect, as I said.
An anonymous, soon-to-be-world-famous, writer (USA).

I chose Pat because her sample edit was the most detailed and useful for me, the most respectful of my voice while still making useful suggestions. She did a great job editing my crime fiction novel. She doesn’t just identify the story holes but often comes up with great suggestions to fill them. With her excellent and detailed suggestions, my story is finally getting close to seeing the light of day.
An anonymous, soon-to-be-world-famous, writer (USA).

I was lucky enough to find Pat through word of mouth and good reference. From the initial sample edit, I knew she was the right fit for my work. Her professional manner, attention to detail and thorough and insightful comments allowed my manuscript to develop from an infant draft to an adult. And I found the revision process an exciting and satisfying one as a result of her hard work.
Claire Snyman, Writer, Two Steps Forward

Pat Dobie did such a wonderfully thorough job and has such a great eye as a reader. Her edits were hugely helpful. It was a pleasure working with her.
Eremi Amabebe, Writer and Editor, Author of The Prisoner of War

I heartily endorse Pat Dobie as a skilful and highly competent editor. She is razor-sharp in pinpointing inconsistencies in content, highlighting matters of style and recommending areas to condense. She is extraordinarily insightful, not to mention diplomatic, in her remarks.
Larry Feign, Writer and Artist

I asked Pat Dobie to help me edit my first novel, and she has been one of the best editors I’ve seen. She is skillful both at development editing and line editing. She is both frank and encouraging, and her tone is direct, yet friendly. She has made my novel better, and she will make your work better, too.
Sharon Harrigan, Writer and veteran freelance editor, former Managing Editor at AFB Press

Pat Dobie is a really excellent editor. Her comments are not just helpful, but INSPIRING. I printed them out last night and read through them and, maybe I’m crazy, but I just can’t wait to work on my own writing again. I am practically manic with happiness about having a path back into that book and its revisions. Pat gave me great stuff to work with.
An anonymous, soon-to-be-world-famous, writer (USA).

In writing my memoir I’d worked with two editors prior to Pat, without much success. They seemed to be looking to me for answers, whereas I wanted to look to them. I gave Pat carte blanche to do as she pleased, and she took full advantage, reorganizing the book, cutting, trimming, tightening. It was a deep edit, which is exactly what it needed. I can state unequivocally that my very great satisfaction with the final version of my book is because of Pat’s work as my editor. She is a solid, grounded source of insight and guidance, a reliable compass through the tumultuous sea of writing, without whom I have no doubt I’d still be irrevocably lost.
Mark Bentley Cohen, Confessions of a Bisexual Husband

Pat Dobie strikes me as an exceptionally talented and sensitive editor. We have worked together closely on several fiction projects and she not only has a gift for close reading, she also has a fantastic grasp of structure. She displays exceptional sensitivity toward the tone of different pieces and is able to suggest changes while respecting the author’s voice.
Elizabeth Rutherford-Johnson, Playwright and Novelist, Editor

I also edit shorter pieces:

Working with Pat is always a pleasure. Editing for a local newspaper presents challenges as we deal with a broad range in writing style, as well as writers (and a good portion of our readership) with English as an additional language. She consistently finds direct ways to improve clarity and readability for our readers while being sensitive to and maintaining the voices of our writers. During the stressful production of each issue, her prompt and impeccable work is a great relief and always inspires confidence in the quality of our paper.
Heather Legal, Managing Editor, KCC Neighbour.

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